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Golf Tourism England

The official body representing the Golf Tourism Industry in England.

The Organisation

Golf Tourism England is the membership body that represents the golf tourism industry in England. It has been set up to promote England as a major golf destination, and be responsible for the strategy and implementation of marketing activities that benefit the members. It is also responsible for lobbying government and government agencies to seek additional funds to undertake increased activity and promotion.

'The future looks bright. As an industry association we now have a voice and people are starting to listen. A perfect example of this is the opening up of dialogue between Golf Tourism England, Visit England and England Golf. There is now real hope that England can emerge from the shadows and become a leading player in the international golf tourism marketplace. England’s transport links and general tourism offer are outstanding, when coupled with our rich golfing heritage and variety of courses forms a fairly formidable package.'

Geoff Harris - England's Golf Coast Manager

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